Dinomite Studios

About us

Dinomite is a Germany based indie game development studio founded in 2021. The studio focuses solely on XR experiences with a high degree of immersion. Core members of Dinomite are XR enthusiasts with a lot of passion for the technology and the possibilities it brings. We use the Unity game engine for all of our projects and have started work on our debut titles, yet to be announced.


Once we have officially announced our upcoming game titles, you'll find them here. Promised.


Unity Tools for Azure DevOps

Set up CI/CD for Unity projects powered by Azure Pipelines to boost your quality and productivty.


The Mixed Reality Toolkit's primary focus is to make it extremely easy to get started creating Mixed Reality applications and to accelerate deployment to multiple platforms from the same Unity project. Dinomite contributes to XRTK development on GitHub.


Check us out on GitHub to find more utilities you might find useful and to see what we're up to.

A new player entered the game

Game development is a multiplayer game and we are regularly looking for teammates to help bring our projects to life. Occasionally we will also post tasks for freelance or contract work.

Freelance / Contract 3D Artist
Freelance / Contract Concept Artist


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