New private blog

Yesterday I finally managed to setup my private website / blog where I am going to blog about coding and related things. Also about Dinomite related topics and news from time to time. Have a look here.

Unite Europe 2017

Unite Europe, which is Unity's developer conference for evereyone in and aronud europe, is almost here and guess who's going? Me, right! Last year I attended the conference for the first time and it was awesome. Not only were the sessions great but you could meet a lot of great developers and people! For everyone who wasn't there yet I can just advise to attend this year. Unity Europe will be in Amsterdam for the fourth time from June 27 until June 29.

For more information about Unite, please visit the official website.

Fell in love with Daydream

Since my ZTE Axon 7 smartphone finally got the needed update to enable Daydream support, it didn't take long until I actually bought myself the headset. What can I say. If you haven't tried it yet yourself, you should! Google's Daydream is amazing and I still can't believe what mobile VR can already look like! Setup doesn't take long and you are ready to go. There is already quite a bunch of apps and games available for the platform, such as Netflix VR and YouTube VR.

Image above shows the headset only. The set also includes a wireless daydream controller. Copyright by Google Inc.

Anyway, I can't stop thinking of the possibilities for mobile gaming using this headset so I've already set out to create a small game for it. Most games available so far are some sort of Tower Defense / Wave System games, which does make sense. It doesn't require you to move around that much. Let's see what I can come up with!

New website online

It took ages but finally a new Dinomite Website has appeared in the interwebs. This is the first time I am actually happy with the website design. Not much to talk about here. I hope you like it as much as I do.